AI will play an increasing role in online security

Neural Networks were introduced as far back as the 40’s of the 20th century and first works about them started in the 50’s. Nowadays this technology is being used in different fields. We believe that the CleanTalk machine teaching technologies of spam detection could be upgraded with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the CleanTalk features could be expanded to define an emotional aspect of a comment.

Theoretical researches of spam filtering with Neural Networks say that these algorithms could achieve 100% efficiency.

The CleanTalk Company has started to develop Neural Networks Algorithms for spam presence analysis of comments and messages which could provoke negative effects, rudeness, abuse or fraud in discussions.

There is a big data safety problem in online security. There are too much data to process anomalies that could be the signs of spambots presence.

There are about 1.5 millions of requests the CleanTalk Cloud processes every day and each request contains set of about 40 parameters. The Cloud uses them to decide whether a request should be approved or blocked so AI could improve our possibilities in spambot patterns detection.

We intend to supplement technology of spam protection and moderation with more reliable feature and take into account such things as slang, typos, context and other traits of a visitor behavior.

About CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a SaaS spam protection service for Web sites. CleanTalk uses protection methods which are invisible for site visitors. Connecting to the service eliminates needs for CAPTCHA, questions and answers and other methods of protection, complicating the exchange of information on the site. Their solutions are reliable, easy and efficient. The module is completely invisible to the visitors and allows you to permanently abandon the ways of protection that impede the communication of visitors to the site (CAPTCHA, question-answer, etc.). CleanTalk allows you to automate protection against distributed from spam and registration spam bots.

The CleanTalk team has been developing a cloud spam protection system for 5 years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to ensure your safety.

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