Neural Networks were introduced as far back as the 40’s of the 20th century and first works about them started in the 50’s. Nowadays this technology is being used in different fields. We believe that the CleanTalk machine teaching technologies of spam detection could be upgraded with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the CleanTalk features could be expanded to define an emotional aspect of a comment.

Theoretical researches of spam filtering with Neural Networks say that these algorithms could achieve 100% efficiency.

The CleanTalk Company has started to develop Neural Networks Algorithms for spam presence analysis of comments and messages which could provoke negative effects, rudeness, abuse or fraud in discussions.

There is a big data safety problem in online security. There are too much data to process anomalies that could be the signs of spambots presence.

There are about 1.5 millions of requests the CleanTalk Cloud processes every day and each request contains set of about 40 parameters. The Cloud uses them to decide whether a request should be approved or blocked so AI could improve our possibilities in spambot patterns detection.

We intend to supplement technology of spam protection and moderation with more reliable feature and take into account such things as slang, typos, context and other traits of a visitor behavior.

About CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a SaaS spam protection service for Web sites. CleanTalk uses protection methods which are invisible for site visitors. Connecting to the service eliminates needs for CAPTCHA, questions and answers and other methods of protection, complicating the exchange of information on the site. Their solutions are reliable, easy and efficient. The module is completely invisible to the visitors and allows you to permanently abandon the ways of protection that impede the communication of visitors to the site (CAPTCHA, question-answer, etc.). CleanTalk allows you to automate protection against distributed from spam and registration spam bots.

The CleanTalk team has been developing a cloud spam protection system for 5 years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to ensure your safety.

CleanTalk adds new features in CleanTalk Anti-Spam for Joomla. The work of the plugin is absolutely invisible for visitors and allows users to renounce forever the ways of protection complicating communication on the website (CAPTCHAs, questions, and answers, etc.). CleanTalk allows you to automate protection from spam and the registering of spam bots.

We released a new version of the anti-spam plugin for Joomla, the new version has a function of automatic check for spam of the existing comments on the site.

This allows administrators of the Web sites to automatically check and identify spam bots comments and registrations, which were not detected by conventional anti-spam tools.

“The team CleanTalk has been developing a cloud spam protection system for five years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to guarantee your safety”.

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All features of CleanTalk

CleanTalk Anti-Spam is a cloud service protection from spam for websites. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to site visitors. Connection to the service eliminates the need for Captcha, questions and answers and other methods of protection, that complicate the exchange of information on the website.

The main function of CleanTalk is providing the owners and administrators of websites a reliable tool for protecting your web site against spam and spam bots. Invisible for visitors, simple and convenient for administrators, CleanTalk blocks 99,998% of the spam. Thanks to its capabilities, CleanTalk surpasses analogues in: the accuracy of spam detection, the speed of the plugin, provides a report about the work of the service and the availability of additional option SpamFireWall.

How does it work?

  1. A visitor writes a comment or registers.
  2. CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters in cloud service CleanTalk.
  3. The service analyzes the obtained parameters.
  4. If it’s a visitor, then the comment is published. If it’s spam bot, then CleanTalk blocks this comment or registering.
  5. The parameters are written to the log, which you can see in the dashboard.

The cost of the license for one website is $8 per year. 

Blocking users by country.

Automatically block comments, user registration of the countries for which you have set a ban.

How it works.

  • At the moment when the visitor sends a comment or is logged, the form parameters are sent to the server CleanTalk.
  • IP address of the visitor is checked for a ban.
  • If the IP address belongs to the country for which the lock is enabled, the visitor will receive a notification.

This option is useful in cases of protection from manual spam and enhance protection. If your website isn’t aimed at an international audience, and you don’t expect comments/users from other countries. For example, your website is about fishing in Ireland, then there is no need in comments from Asia or Africa and you can block comment from spam active countries.

Enable the option you can in dashboard CleanTalk -> Black&White lists or use the link

Personal BL

Blocking by country is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Blocking by stop words.

You can block comments containing “stop words” to enhance spam filtering and blocking messages containing obscene words. You can add a certain word or phrase.

How it works.

For enabling option, go to the CleanTalk dashboard ->Select the website and go to settings, check the option “Enable checking of messages on stop words” or use the link and click “Save”. Comments containing “Stop words” will not be published and will be sent to manual moderation

Use this link to manage stop words dictionary

Website options

Stop words dictionary is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Editing the server response.

This option modifies the default service message about blocked comments/registration to your text. It’s necessary in those cases when you need to specify contacts for the administration of the website, if you accidentally blocked a message from the user.

Option can be enabled in the settings of website, in the CleanTalk dashboard -> Select a site and go to settings. Or you can use this link

Website options2

Editing the server’s response is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Personal Black/White lists for Anti-Spam service.

Automatically blocks comments, user registration from your personal blacklist list of IP/email addresses. Option helps to increase the protection from manual spam or block unwanted comments from users.

You can add the record in Black/White lists on the page Anti-Spam statistics in dashboard Just mark the record as “Spam” or “Not spam” and the IP/email will be added to your blacklist or whitelist. If you delete the record, then CleanTalk checks it as usual.

Antispam log

Spam FireWall.

Additional option in anti-spam plugins, blocks access to the web site with spam active IP addresses (Blocks Get and Post requests). Spam bots are blocked before they get access to the website, its prevents the loading of pages of a website spam bots, so your web server doesn’t need to run all the scripts on these pages. This can reduce the load on the database and web server.

How it works.

  • The user visits the website.
  • The data of the HTTP request are checked in a database containing records on more than 5,8 millions IP spambots.
  • If the IP is contained in the database spambots then shown a special page. Nothing happens to legitimate users – protection works invisibly. If the request was from an ordinary visitor, then 3 seconds later, he will be redirected to the website.
  • All information about the process is stored in the database and available in the dashboard.


Spam FireWall can be enabled in the plugin settings. Spam FireWall is available for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, SMF, MediaWiki, IPS Community Suite.

Personal Black lists for SFW.

It allows you to add to the lists SpamFireWall individual IP addresses and subnets. To block attacks with the IP addresses are not yet included in the SFW base. This option can help to block HTTP / HTTPS DDoS attacks, the SQL attacks, brute force attacks and any other attacks that are made through the HTTP / HTTPS.

CleanTalk records all requests blocked SpamFireWall, and you can view statistics in the dashboard.

Spam FireWall and blacklists are free options and included in the cost of anti-spam service.

Check link


CleanTalk Anti-Spam это облачный сервис защиты от спама для веб сайтов. CleanTalk использует методы защиты которые незаметны для посетителей сайта. Подключение к сервису устраняет необходимость в использовании Captcha, вопросы-ответы и другие методы защиты которые усложняют обмен информацией на сайте.

Основной функцией CleanTalk является обеспечение владельцев и администраторов веб сайтов надежным инструментом для защиты веб сайта от спама и спам ботов. Незаметный для посетителей, простой и удобный для администраторов, CleanTalk блокирует 99,998% спама. Благодаря своим возможностям, CleanTalk превосходит аналоги по: точности обнаружения спама, скорости работы плагина, предоставляет отчет о работе сервиса и наличия дополнительной опции SpamFireWall.

Как работает?

  1. Посетитель пишет комментарий или регистрируется.
  2. Плагин CleanTalk отправляет параметры действий в облачный сервис CleanTalk.
  3. Сервис анализирует полученные параметры.
  4. Если это посетитель, то комментарий публикуется. Если это спам бот, то CleanTalk блокирует этот комментарий или регистрацию.
  5. Параметры записываются в журнал, который можно посмотреть в Панели управления сервисом.

Стоимость лицензии для одного веб сайта 550р в год.


Блокировка пользователей по странам.

Автоматически блокирует
комментарии, регистрации пользователей из стран для которых вы установили запрет.

Как это работает.

  • В момент, когда посетитель отправляет комментарий или регистрируется, параметры формы отправляются на сервер CleanTalk.
  • IP адрес посетителя проверяется на запрет.
  • Если IP адрес принадлежит стране, для которой включена блокировка, посетитель
  • получит соответствующее уведомление.

Эта опция полезна в случаях защиты от ручного спама и усиления защиты. Если ваш сайт не ориентирован на международную аудиторию, и вы не ожидаете комментариев/пользователей из других стран.
Например, ваш сайт о рыбалке в Ирландии, то нет особой необходимости в комментариях из Азии или Африки и вы можете заблокировать отправку комментариев из спам активных стран.

Подключить опцию можно в Панели управления CleanTalk -> Черно&Белые списки или используйте ссылку

Персональные черные и белые списки

Блокировка по странам, входит в расширенный пакет, который включает:

  • Хранить историю спам атак 45 дней.
  • Фильтр сообщений по списку стоп-слов.
  • Фильтр спама по странам.
  • Редактирование ответа сервера.


Блокировка по стоп словам.

Вы можете заблокировать комментарии содержащие “Стоп-слова” для усиления спам фильтрации и блокирования сообщений содержащих нецензурные слова.
Вы можете добавлять как определенные слова так и фразы.

Как это работает.

Для подключения опции перейдите в Панель управления CleanTalk ->Выберите сайт и перейдите в настройки, отметьте опцию
“Включить проверку сообщений на стоп-слова” или используйте ссылку
и нажмите кнопку “Сохранить”. Комментарии содержащие “Стоп слова” не будут опубликованы и будут отправлены на ручную модерацию.

Используйте эту ссылку для управления словарем стоп слов

stop words

Словарь стоп слов входит в расширенный пакет, который включает:

  • Хранить историю спам атак 45 дней.
  • Фильтр сообщений по списку стоп-слов.
  • Фильтр спама по странам.
  • Редактирование ответа сервера.


Редактирование ответа сервера. 

Опция изменяет стандартное сообщение сервиса о заблокированном комментарии/регистрации, на ваш текст. Необходима в тех случаях, когда вам требуется указать контакты для связи с администрацией веб сайта, если случайно было заблокировано сообщение от пользователя.

Опция подключается в настройках веб сайта, в Панели управления CleanTalk ->Выберите сайт и перейдите в настройки. Или вы можете использовать эту ссылку

persjnal messages



Редактирование ответа сервера входит в расширенный пакет, который включает:

  • Хранить историю спам атак 45 дней.
  • Фильтр сообщений по списку стоп-слов.
  • Фильтр спама по странам.
  • Редактирование ответа сервера.

Персональные Черные/Белые списки для Anti-Spam сервиса.

Автоматически блокирует комментарии, регистрации пользователей из вашего персонального черного списка списка IP/email адресов. Опция помогает усилить защиту от ручного спама или блокировать комментарии от нежелательных пользователей.

Вы можете добавить запись в Черные/Белые списки на странице Anti-Spam статистики в Панели управления Просто отметьте запись как “Спам” или “Не спам” и IP/email будут добавлены в ваш Черный или Белый список. Если вы удалите запись, то CleanTalk проверяет его как обычно.

Что бы управлять записями в Черных списках или посмотреть статистику, перейдите в Панель управления CleanTalk выберите необходимый сайт и перейдите в Настройки->Персональные чёрные списки.
Или используйте эту ссылку


Spam FireWall. 

Дополнительная опция в анти-спам плагинах, блокирует доступ к веб сайту с спам активных IP адресов (Блокируются Get и Post запросы). Спам боты блокируются прежде чем они получат доступ к веб сайту,  это предотвращает загрузку страниц веб-сайта спам ботами, так что вашему веб-серверу не нужно выполнять все скрипты на этих страницах. Это может снизить нагрузку на базу данных и веб сервер.

Как это работает

  • Пользователь заходит на сайт.
  • Данные HTTP запроса проверяются в базе данных, содержащей записи о более чем 5,8 миллионах IP спам-ботов.
  • Если IP содержится в базе спам-ботов, то показывается специальная страница. Для легитимных пользователей ничего не происходит – защита работает незаметно. Если запрос был от обычного посетителя, то через 3 секунды он будет перенаправлен на страницу веб сайта
  • Вся информация о процессе сохраняется в базе данных и доступна в панели управления.






Spam FireWall можно включить в настройках плагина. Spam FireWall доступен для WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, SMF, MediaWiki, IPS Community Suite.

Персональные Черные списки для SFW. 

Позволяет добавлять в списки SpamFireWall отдельные IP адреса и подсети. Для блокирования атак с IP адресов еще не включенных в базу SFW. Опция может помочь для блокирования HTTP/HTTPS DDoS атак, SQL атак, брутфорс атак и любых других атаках которые производятся через HTTP/HTTPS.

CleanTalk фиксирует все запросы, заблокированные SpamFireWall, и вы можете просматривать статистику в Панели управления сервисом.

Spam FireWall и черные списки это бесплатные опции и входят в стоимость анти-спам сервиса.


A Means to Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

Have you been wondering the best way to make money blogging for beginners? You might have possibly heard people can make a wonderful living online, blogging straight from their residence.

If so, I’m glad you located this informative article. This article will show how to generate income blogging. Your skill level does not matter.

When you create a blog, you’re doing two basic things:

  • You are defining a voice with good content material.
  • You are building yourself a target market.

You will find several approaches to choose with blog setup and learning.

First of all, you can use the well-known free of charge hosted blogging platforms available through and

These are generally straightforward, no-frills solutions which simply began with a logon registration. The service will host your blog on his or her server. You can began to write your posts as soon as your blogging platform is set up.

You can add a great deal more flexibility to your blog when you host your own blog. This will demand some additional actions.

Initially, you will purchase hosting by one of the reputable providers. This simply means you rent some space on a server to create your blog and make it accessible to the internet.

You might start with a simple hosting package for $50 or less for your first year which normally jumps up to about $100 per year.

The most effective blogging software used today is WordPress.

Why? These are a few reasons.

  • Search engines like Google appreciate it and consistently rank WordPress web-sites well.
  • Each and every host company works with it and will probably be able to set it up to suit your needs immediately.
  • It is rather extensible with excellent plugins that greatly increase the functionality within your site.
  • It happens to be fairly substantially to the market common platform so you will discover more data and assistance.

But you don’t need to look far to confirm all the advantages I’ve mentioned.

If you decide to host your own blog, is the software of choice from WordPress. is normally used by other blog hosting sites. These are the sites which offers free blogging services.

Promoting your blog is a very powerful step as well. For this objective, you can use

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • EzineArticles
  • Ask visitors to share posts on different blog sites especially those subjects which are very similar to yours.
  • LinkedIn, Pinterest, and multiple different social media forums

You must commit to blogging prior to diving in. Blog maintenance is an ongoing process. The process will require your time and efforts.

Once you set up your blog, you will need to write about topics of great interest and content rich articles to drive readers to your website. Before you actually publish a post, you will need to set on your own way to monetize your blog.

A Secret Tip to make money Blogging for Newbies

The best technique to achieve making money blogging for starters is to join one of several thousands affiliate programs offered online.

What is an online affiliate program? It is an arrangement involving you and a merchant which will pay you whenever one of your blog readers purchases their products or services. Affiliate marketing is simple and can be fairly fast in making money blogging for beginners.

You must first sign up as an affiliate for an internet company providing affiliate programs.

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As soon as your reader arrives at their web page or website via your link, you receive a commission after they complete a sale.

Affiliates are commonly paid on commission. Although, some vendors may decide to pay a fixed cost for the associate’s sale.

After registering with an affiliate program, you are currently ready to start making a bunch of money by selling other people’s product online.

How do you earn money? There are really a number of methods for you to generate income as an affiliate. It will depend on your choice of affiliate advertising and marketing strategy.

How do bloggers began to generate profits? The strategic thing to do is capture visitor’s e-mail address since they are on your own web-site. You can correspond with leads in the future through emails, blogging and simply building relationships which will present you much more of an opportunity to sell products or services at a later time.

An alternative method is to join as a member of an affiliate network. A network which carries a range of affiliate programs for different online merchants. Subscribing is generally complimentary. Although, some companies and networks may require you to pay a certain fee. These fees, nevertheless, are made as payment for additional resources and tools the company provide you to assist in boosting your online business.

“What if there was a viral blogging platform, WordPress already installed with an Affiliate Program which paid 100% commissions? Would you be interested?” There are several MLM marketing training platform online to teach you how to effectively monetize your blog.

I have been in network marketing for a couple of years. I didn’t have any experience on how to set up or create a blog post before using a network marketing platform. I hope readers will begin to see it is definitely possible to set up a blog within minutes and make money as a new blogger.

I joined the company that I currently work with, in May 2015. It is a great company to work it, I must say and it was in operation since 1999. It was recently demerged from another company and had decided to start on focusing on marketing and communications, and thus, I was hired. I was the only person then, in the marketing team, assisted by a graphic designer and ad-hoc user interface or website developer.

I wanted to start a blog that can be used both professionally to talk IT topics, trends, and articles related to the technology offerings that the company offers; and personally to talk about employee engagement, highlighting employee of the month and make it personalize so that the CTE employees are also engaged. So how did I go about it:

Step 1 – Finalizing the category: Make a list of category, that I wanted the blog to cover, basically the scope of articles or in technical terms the site map. I broadly chose – Business and Technology. Under Business, we have generic stuff such as trends, strategy, leadership, employee, and productivity, while under Technology we have big data, cloud, and applications.

Step 2Elements to add: I then finalized what are the other items that I want to add to the blog, such as Twitter feeds, individual author pages, and call to action columns.

Step 3Developing forms or formats and wireframe development: I created three forms, first an author form to capture the author details; second, a blog post template; and third a blog post optimization form. Hand-in-hand, I explained the sitemap to the designer and detailed him what I want on the home screen and how the inner pages should be structured.

Step 4Designing and Information collection – The designer designs the PSD screens of the pages at this stage. The screens are shared with the UX lead for his comments and suggestions and post iterations the screens are approved. In parallel, information about the authors and topics are collected.

Step 5Development and planning the pre-launch engagement strategy – The site is developed at this stage and the information collected is given to the developer to be inserted into the blog.

As a pre launch plan, I started a photography contest for the CTE employees to gain their interest and attention to the blog.

Step 6Testing and installation: This is a typical yet an extremely important step prior to launching your blog. We carried out a few days of testing and iterations to make the blog responsive and free from any bugs or errors. Also, we scheduled to upload the files live to the server on a Sunday.

Step 7 – Blog Launch: Finally the blog was launched and it took us 21 days to think through, plan, test and launch which I think was a great demonstration of team work.

Step 8Blog syndication and article promotion: Post launch we syndicated the articles to article directories while submitting the blog URL to website submission directories.

While creating a multi-channel marketing and communication strategy, certain key platforms of online marketing such as digital marketing and social media marketing will be an indispensable part of the grander scheme of things. In the midst of piecing together your online marketing puzzle, you will ask yourself the question – Do I really need a blog for my business?

The answer is a resounding Yes!

A meaningful and regularly updated blog is a great and inexpensive way to boost your inbound marketing activities, drive target audience to your site, build your brand and gain new prospects. Creating and maintaining a business blog offers you a direct channel of communication with your audience and opens up new opportunities for your business. Here’s why your business needs a blog:

1. A Blog boosts your SEO ranking:

Blogs have the power to give you the SEO juice you desire! Search Engines like Google and the Yahoo-Bing network (among others) love fresh, valuable and unique content. By creating and updating content on your blog consistently, you are offering original content for search engines to index; if you offer relevant keywords based content, your SEO ranking could get a boost. Every time you create a new blog post, you are essentially creating a new web page on your site, thus giving search engines more opportunities to index and rank your site. Websites that blog typically have 434% more indexed pages than those who do not blog. Moreover, websites that blog typically have 97% more inbound links.

2. Blogs convert traffic into leads:

Blogs which provide value to users generate leads for the business, as users start referring to you as an expert in your domain. Incorporating a call-to action in each piece of blog content is a great way to convert your incoming user base into leads. A 77% upswing in median monthly leads is observed in businesses with more than 51 blog posts. The call-to action could range from filling out an information form, calling a 24×7 helpline or leaving a query on the blog post itself.

3. Convert leads into sales:

The ultimate goal of your content marketing activities is to generate revenue from your target audience – blogs have the potential to convert relevant leads into revenue generators, with the added benefit of being a low-cost avenue. 31.1% of the digital audience consider a business blog to be the second most influential factor when it comes to making a purchase. A well-curated blog serves as the brand’s voice and a rich source of information about new products, services and value propositions that the business has to offer to its consumers.

4. Blogging positions you as an expert:

When you create and post unique, interesting and share-worthy content within your niche, you are creating a clout of reliability around your business. Over time, your content and opinion on various industry relevant topics becomes valuable and resourceful. Aside from sharing your expertise with the online community, posting informative content on your business blog or on other blogs (via guest blogging) positions you as an influencer in the industry. According to Technorati, 71% of respondents who maintain blogs for a business have reported that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs, while 56% said that their blog has helped them position as a thought leader within the industry.

5. It’s a great conversation platform:

Your business blog is a great platform to directly communicate with your audience. Blogging provides you with avenues to connect with your site visitors through comments, feedback and questions. By proactively responding to and engaging with your audience, you can build a favourable rapport with them; build a relationship based on trust and gain insights into what your customers really need.

Although a business blog is a cost-effective tool to boost traffic to your website and generate engagement, it requires dedication and a structured approach. But all in all, a blog is a must-have for businesses looking to establish themselves in the digital content space.

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