All features of CleanTalk EN

All features of CleanTalk

CleanTalk Anti-Spam is a cloud service protection from spam for websites. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to site visitors. Connection to the service eliminates the need for Captcha, questions and answers and other methods of protection, that complicate the exchange of information on the website.

The main function of CleanTalk is providing the owners and administrators of websites a reliable tool for protecting your web site against spam and spam bots. Invisible for visitors, simple and convenient for administrators, CleanTalk blocks 99,998% of the spam. Thanks to its capabilities, CleanTalk surpasses analogues in: the accuracy of spam detection, the speed of the plugin, provides a report about the work of the service and the availability of additional option SpamFireWall.

How does it work?

  1. A visitor writes a comment or registers.
  2. CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters in cloud service CleanTalk.
  3. The service analyzes the obtained parameters.
  4. If it’s a visitor, then the comment is published. If it’s spam bot, then CleanTalk blocks this comment or registering.
  5. The parameters are written to the log, which you can see in the dashboard.

The cost of the license for one website is $8 per year. 

Blocking users by country.

Automatically block comments, user registration of the countries for which you have set a ban.

How it works.

  • At the moment when the visitor sends a comment or is logged, the form parameters are sent to the server CleanTalk.
  • IP address of the visitor is checked for a ban.
  • If the IP address belongs to the country for which the lock is enabled, the visitor will receive a notification.

This option is useful in cases of protection from manual spam and enhance protection. If your website isn’t aimed at an international audience, and you don’t expect comments/users from other countries. For example, your website is about fishing in Ireland, then there is no need in comments from Asia or Africa and you can block comment from spam active countries.

Enable the option you can in dashboard CleanTalk -> Black&White lists or use the link

Personal BL

Blocking by country is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Blocking by stop words.

You can block comments containing “stop words” to enhance spam filtering and blocking messages containing obscene words. You can add a certain word or phrase.

How it works.

For enabling option, go to the CleanTalk dashboard ->Select the website and go to settings, check the option “Enable checking of messages on stop words” or use the link and click “Save”. Comments containing “Stop words” will not be published and will be sent to manual moderation

Use this link to manage stop words dictionary

Website options

Stop words dictionary is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Editing the server response.

This option modifies the default service message about blocked comments/registration to your text. It’s necessary in those cases when you need to specify contacts for the administration of the website, if you accidentally blocked a message from the user.

Option can be enabled in the settings of website, in the CleanTalk dashboard -> Select a site and go to settings. Or you can use this link

Website options2

Editing the server’s response is included in the Extra package, which includes:

  • Keep a history of spam attacks 45 days.
  • Filter posts by stop-word list.
  • Spam filter by country.
  • Editing the server response.

Personal Black/White lists for Anti-Spam service.

Automatically blocks comments, user registration from your personal blacklist list of IP/email addresses. Option helps to increase the protection from manual spam or block unwanted comments from users.

You can add the record in Black/White lists on the page Anti-Spam statistics in dashboard Just mark the record as “Spam” or “Not spam” and the IP/email will be added to your blacklist or whitelist. If you delete the record, then CleanTalk checks it as usual.

Antispam log

Spam FireWall.

Additional option in anti-spam plugins, blocks access to the web site with spam active IP addresses (Blocks Get and Post requests). Spam bots are blocked before they get access to the website, its prevents the loading of pages of a website spam bots, so your web server doesn’t need to run all the scripts on these pages. This can reduce the load on the database and web server.

How it works.

  • The user visits the website.
  • The data of the HTTP request are checked in a database containing records on more than 5,8 millions IP spambots.
  • If the IP is contained in the database spambots then shown a special page. Nothing happens to legitimate users – protection works invisibly. If the request was from an ordinary visitor, then 3 seconds later, he will be redirected to the website.
  • All information about the process is stored in the database and available in the dashboard.


Spam FireWall can be enabled in the plugin settings. Spam FireWall is available for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, SMF, MediaWiki, IPS Community Suite.

Personal Black lists for SFW.

It allows you to add to the lists SpamFireWall individual IP addresses and subnets. To block attacks with the IP addresses are not yet included in the SFW base. This option can help to block HTTP / HTTPS DDoS attacks, the SQL attacks, brute force attacks and any other attacks that are made through the HTTP / HTTPS.

CleanTalk records all requests blocked SpamFireWall, and you can view statistics in the dashboard.

Spam FireWall and blacklists are free options and included in the cost of anti-spam service.

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