5 Frustrating Misconceptions That Your Clients Have about SEO

With the way the Internet has been going for the past few years, it is highly likely that the search engine is perhaps the most misunderstood service the Internet has to offer. It is almost completely littered with misattribution as well as misunderstanding, and many different businesses seek to take advantage of it – but do so in the wrong way.

Consequently, the way these business clients treat SEO (short for search engine optimization) tends to suffer as most do not even understand what they are talking about. Here are just a few frustrating misconceptions that your clients have about SEO.

“SEO is just a onetime affair, right?”

The reason why search engine optimization strategies are employed in the first place is because the Internet never remains static. If the Internet did not change, there would never be a need for SEO to begin with. This is why it can be frustrating when clients believe that once SEO has been utilized, it never needs to be done again. If SEO is to be effective, it needs to see constant use.

“Keywords are no longer necessary.”

This is a surprising (and frustrating) misconception, considering the fact that SEO has been almost completely dependent on keywords for so long. However, while there is no doubt that keywords are still indeed relevant, you no longer need to litter content with keywords every step of the way. This does not mean however that you can let go of it entirely – if you want your content to climb the ranks, keywords are crucial.

“SEO is all about how many links you have.”

Just like how SEO has been dependent on keywords, so too is it dependent on links. The only thing that has truly changed is the amount of links necessary. Similar to keywords, a large bounty of many different links is no longer necessary (and even detrimental), but your content must still have it.

“SEO doesn’t require complicated methods.”

They can never be further from the truth. While some clients underestimate their ability to perform SEO, others are the exact opposite. They believe that methods such as split testing – which is invaluable when it comes to search engine optimization is unnecessary to succeed. Proper A/B testing for SEO Landing Pages is necessary for measuring its overall performance with more than one marketing campaign strategy; something that has become more and more important as the competition for search engine rankings become more precise and subtle. AB testing is a hard and tedious process that could be simplified given the right tools – e.g., it’s possible to create a landing page from scratch using GetResponse’s landing page creator and then tweaking templates and wording to test our different versions. There are other tools that exist for quick results so don’t break your head in the process.

“Google is all I need.”

Last but not least, this is the one misconception that most clients tend to have. Google is not the end all be all of search engines, no matter what people might say about it. Underrated search engines such as Bing and Yahoo continue to grow in both popularity and efficiency; and those clients who ignore the underdog are in for a rude awakening.

Without a doubt, SEO has evolved from simple abundance of links and keywords into something far more. Understanding these misconceptions is the best way to avoid the potholes that many clients have tripped over due to a simple lack of understanding

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