Even more opportunities to provide protection from spam in WordPress.

Many people don’t think of the importance of reliable spam protection. But everyone has to face it. To eliminate the consequences of spam attacks you surely had to spend your time, feel discomfort, perhaps deal with financial losses, and most importantly – look bad in the eyes of the clients and lose reputation.

To think of the real damage you might face as the owner of WordPress blog, if the spam attack misleads your clients, directing them to malicious websites. Intruders add loads of malicious content to your blog and you don’t have time to eliminate it. Spambots are the problem for every website in the Internet and CleanTalk is meant to get rid of such situations. CleanTalk  is preventative system of spambots protection, invisible for the website visitors and providing 100% efficiency. And those are not empty promises, letting us proclaim 100% CleanTalk efficiency.

CleanTalk are happy to inform all WordPress users that has launched the new version of anti-spam plugin.

In the new version CleanTalk were able to employ spam protection mechanism for free forms (contacts, comments, registrations). Before CleanTalk could only provide protection for the most popular or standard forms. The employment of protection for new forms took time and complicated the development. Considering the great amount of plugins, it seemed impossible to create protection for each one separately.

The new plugin mechanism enables to support various forms of different authors. The idea is for the plugin to monitor actions on your web-site and every time there’s a registration or a new comment, CleanTalk estimated the parameters of the form filling and the visitor’s behavior. The service checks these parameters for signs of spambots and makes decision, whether it’s a person or a spambot.  The spambot protection for free forms is set via the plugin settings.

CleanTalk sends you weekly report of all that’s happened, which lets you get record of every action at any moment; you can also see the dynamics of spam attacks and useful comments. With the help of a mobile app, you can control and receive information about registrations/comments directly to your mobile device (available for Ipad/Iphone and Android).

Considering the great amount of different comment and registration plugins, that are susceptible to spam attacks one way or another, this becomes an important tool in provision of spam protection, and one that should always be at your service.


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