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3 Best Things About Drupal

Drupal is a world famous web content management tool. It is easy to start up and begin using. Thus, even those who don’t have technical web programming skills can use it to create and manage their websites.The software is free,

WordPress Magic

Ever since WordPress was launched in 2003, it has since grown to become one the most popular blogging and web hosting platforms on the internet. This is mainly because it uses CMS platforms, which is a better content management software

How to protect your WordPress site against spam and spam bots

There are many plugins to protect against spam, almost all of them have some disadvantages. In our view it is optimal to use the cloud service CleanTalk. Since this is a cloud service, by obtaining and analyzing data from over

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Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: Separating Bots from Humans

Spam, one of the biggest issues with any WordPress site.     So much so that Automattic even include the Akismet plugin with every WordPress file. But is Akismet really the best option? Yes it’s the most downloaded WordPress plugin. Yes

SEO in Melbourne – What Changes You Need to Make to Your Site After Google Hummingbird

Google has changed the game once again. Late last year, it introduced another algorithm change, this time called Hummingbird. Among the most significant changes that Hummingbird made was taking away the organic search results in Google analytics. Now, sites can’t

5 Frustrating Misconceptions That Your Clients Have about SEO

With the way the Internet has been going for the past few years, it is highly likely that the search engine is perhaps the most misunderstood service the Internet has to offer. It is almost completely littered with misattribution as

SEO Tips and Tricks that Every WordPress Developer Should Know

WordPress is a powerful CMS that can help you to save money and time on the backend to maintain a great site. But did you know that SEO and WordPress, together, can make your business even stronger on the net?

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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Plugin

When releasing a plugin on the WordPress plugin repository, you’re guaranteed some downloads.  Most likely, you’ll spike right away when you’re in the newest plugins section and while your plugin gets announced in various plugin roundups.  Then things will die

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