Month: September 2014

Even more opportunities to provide protection from spam in WordPress.

Many people don’t think of the importance of reliable spam protection. But everyone has to face it. To eliminate the consequences of spam attacks you surely had to spend your time, feel discomfort, perhaps deal with financial losses, and most

CleanTalk releases official antispam module for Magento.

CleanTalk company has released official antispam module for Magento. The new version features optimized programme code and improved antispam check for better spambot protection. The module allows to forget about CAPTCHA, question-answer, puzzles and other methods, that complicate website experience.

How to setup anti spam plugin CleanTalk

Here an excellent guide to the plugin   1. 2.   Check the IP address or an email spam bots here Submited IP and email today| Updated IP and email today| Weekly TOP20 IP and email records| Autonomous systems (AS)|

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